Music On
Head of Marketing Communications at Music On (International Music Label Owned by Italian DJ, Marco Carola).

Music On is a record label created by artist & dj Marco Carola. Made in Naples, Italy, Music On proposes the creation of a cutting-edge club sound, along with unique events across the world.

In 2011 Marco Carola felt the need to expand his musical realm and create a home for up and coming, talented and inspired artists. The only requirement is good quality music, which is the standard for everything Marco Carola puts his stamps on... It's all about the music.

Music On Marco Carola Musiconofficial IOS App REACT Firebase Development

In the making. REACT/Firebase App Development for Music Brands with large communities and advanced shopping experiences.

What we did

Outsourced marketing department

Head of Marketing Communications at Music On, international Music Label owned by Italian DJ, Marco Carola. Since its inception, we were responsible for:

•  Creating & managing all digital and print communication
•  Engineering
•  Graphic design / Art
•  Brand building and user engagement

Our roles included but were not limited to:

Creative & Art Director;
Marketing Manager;
Staff CIO;
Graphic Designer;
IP/Legal Dept.